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Great US Coverage

Crossbow's Web based software is easy to use and clearly displays the location and GPS coordinates of the asset/vehicle on a map with comprehensive street information.

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Welcome to Crossbow - Ask about ReCaP Extreme ™

ReCaP Extreme Reminds, Collects, and Protects your assets and locates your customers…Automatically. ReCaP automatically locates and control your vehicles from anywhere in the world. Crossbow’s Internet-based service automatically sends multiple format reminders and receives alerts. It locates your vehicle, disables the starter, from any PC or iPhone, automatically or manually…you choose!

Crossbow is committed to assisting auto dealers and finance companies in the Subprime Auto Finance and BHPH markets by providing innovative Payment Assurance solutions. You can trust Crossbow to help your operation achieve higher net profits by lowering delinquencies, skips and repossessions. Maximize your R.O.I. and get the confidence your dealership needs with ReCaP Extreme.


  • Smaller Than a Deck of Cards
  • No External Antennas!
  • Fast All Digital Unit
  • State of the Art Mapping
  • Plug & Play Installation

The Crossbow Systems and products allow you to instantly remind, locate, and control your vehicles & assets with just the click of a mouse. The Extreme device uses the Global Positioning System and ground based cellular towers to remotely determine the precise location of a vehicle, person or other asset anywhere in the world.

Uniquely our system records not only the position of your assets, but also speed and direction. Our history is the most complete in the industry.

Alternative Uses for Extreme:
  • Vehicle monitoring
  • Fleet tracking
  • Asset tracking

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