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The Crossbow unit is a small, self-contained device that can quickly and effectively locate any vehicle or other mobile asset. Our new technology is smaller than a credit card and combines the universal coverage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) satellites with cellular based communications from different cellular providers. These two technologies allow us to provide our users with coverage throughout the world. This guarantees the most reliable and versatile accessibility. Our goal is to make our product easy to use and cost effective. Crossbow will dramatically improve your level of protection against vehicle loss while enhancing your productivity and convenience.

Crossbow GPS unit

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Brochure - Specs
Brochure - Specs
Brochure - Specs

Social Enterprise Collecting is Here
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Product Features

  • Collections Tool
  • Reduces delinquencies
  • Reduces Charge offs
  • Enterprise Management Software
  • Multiple Payment Reminders:
    • Pre Payment Reminders
    • Post Payment Reminders
    • Thank You Messages
  • Smaller Than a Deck of Cards
  • No External Antennas


  • Fast All Digital Unit
  • State of the Art Mapping
  • Plug & Play or standard installation
  • Starter Immobilizer
  • Easy To Use Web Interface
  • Nationwide Coverage
  • Alarm Reporting
  • Speed Notification
  • Ignition off alert
  • Passive System Management

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